Compare Wood


DEFINITION - Solidwood is the term used to distinguish between lumber and engineered wood. It is a superlative form of wood that has no hollow spaces in its composition, thus being the best for furniture.

QUALITY - High in quality and looks, solid wood constitutes to be the finest material for your home furniture.

DURABILITY - Higher durability and consistency compared to other wood varieties.

LOOKS - Exhilarating looks and admirable grace make it a perfect wood for furniture.

COST - Comparatively costs more than engineered and veneered wood considering the quality and durability.

REUSE - Products composed of solid wood can be reused at some point in time to produce new useful products.


DEFINITION - A versatile alternative to solid wood, engineered wood is manufactured by binding together wood strands, fibres, etc. with adhesives under heat and pressure. 

QUALITY- Since it is composed using various wood forms, it is not the same throughout, therefore not high in quality. 

DURABILITY- A combination of woods makes it a somewhat durable wood for home furniture. 

LOOKS - A heterogeneous composition of various kinds of wood means varied looks from each angle. 

COST- Since the wood is composed of a variety of woods, therefore comparatively lower in cost. 

REUSE - Can be reused only under certain conditions and based on how the wood was previously used.


DEFINITION - A technically thin layer of solid wood, usually thinner than 1/8 of an inch. The wood is typically bonded with adhesives to a cheaper surface that is hidden below.

QUALITY - Veneered wood is a lower quality of timber that can only be used with a supreme quality wood for best results.

DURABILITY - Not a durable wood; therefore, not a great choice for home furniture.

LOOKS - Being a part of solid wood it has elegant looks that can be used in furniture finish.

COST - An affordable wood piece for home furniture, but can be used only if you can compromise on quality.

REUSE- Not the type of wood that can be easily reused under any possible circumstances.